I love Jade Thirlwall

Little Mix feeling the wind at Anaheim +

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its-voguebitch asked: OH NY GOD IM SUCH A GUILTY FAN OF LITTLE MIX HAHHA! Thanks so much for the follow doll xx

Awwww Thanks for follow me back as well ;) I have a girl crush on Candice ,I wish I could be her just for one day haha

Little Mix - Move (Acoustic) on Xtra Factor

love itttt

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Please help!

Hi! I have a question about Little mix tour .
Can I choose a seat to sit in the concert? Or it’s random?

This is my first time to go to the concert I’ve got B1 row-F , How far is it? Can I see the girls clearly from here?
I’m so excited xD

Maybe I’m late. I’ve just found this video.

But People need to see this!!

It’s so so so funny, I’m in love with their american accent lol

Anonymous asked: Have you got gif or photos of Jade with/eating biscuits


Hello! my tumblr got a problem, it can’t upload a photo arghhh
But I’ve uploaded it in another way, link is above :D

I’m not sure what she ate here, so this is the best I can..OTL
Hope this help!

Unboxing Little mix’s first album “DNA” deluxe edition and Ready to fly’s sneak peak


Little mix will be recording a cover of never leave you (uh oh) today on sbtv

We Are Who We Are - Little Mix.


I love this song<3 My favorite from DNA :D

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